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baltimore caddied motel and tonight loved ones return to the crime scene to remember is mother and daughter. that is our big story tonight. 28-year-old alicia avery was found shot to death along side the body of her daughter monday night. kai reed is live in towson with how the victims are being remembered. >> dozens of people attended the candlelight vigil for alicia avery and her daughter. they said it was not about mourning their deaths, but about celebrating their lives. >> i am just devastated by everything. >> alicia avery's parents have cried every day since 28-year- old avery and her 4-year-old daughter were discovered shot to death in a baltimore county motel. tonight, loved ones and lit
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candles and shared memories of the mother and daughter who adored each other. alicia love to sing in had a beautiful voice. her daughter had infectious personality. >> they were beautiful people. to get to know them was to love them. >> they had not been seen or heard of for four days when their bodies were discovered in a room at the welcome inn motel on monday. alicia's beyonce was charged with the murders. >> her mother said their relationship had soured in the days before the shooting. >> i knew that he was the one. she was tired, he was stressing her out, and she -- i am praying for him, because he needed a lot of prayer. something is really wrong with him upstairs. he really needs a lot of prayers. >> alicia avery left behind another 2-year-old daughter, and her mother said she was so
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excited to be pregnant with twin boys. >> my family is right there with her, so i know she is ok. i know god closed her eyes before she could see anything that was going on with her and my grandbaby. >> alicia avery and her daughter's the rural services are planned for next thursday. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a body was found floating in the inner harbor. we were live over the scene just after 6:00 tonight where a man was found unconscious near the boat access ramp. another home invasion by police in impersonators has the baltimore police department concerned about public trust. the latest victims were bound and gagged by two or three men inside this home early this morning. one resident said he believes a
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crowbar was used to break open the door. one of the man pointed a gun at his aunt -- and his head before they ransacked the place. >> these individuals are coming in at all hours of the morning and identifying themselves as baltimore police officers. >> police say this could be related to a similar home invasion in east baltimore earlier this week. in that incident, a man was shot in the neck. tonight, a recently released convict is back behind bars, accused of gunning down a career in business man tuesday afternoon. baltimore police say william car shot and killed a man who was making a delivery. he has a lengthy criminal record and was just released from a criminal -- 20-year criminal record. launched anattorney initiative aimed at keeping
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violent offenders behind bars for a longer time. today marks the beginning of july but also marks the day that dozens of new laws go into effect across the state. all several of the law's focus on our call, others could affect your car payments and even your pets. >> now is the time for direct line. shipments from the vine to your home are illegal. the state comptroller is the first it is among the first to place an order. the state made applications available to as many as 30 winery's who have signed up. the sales tax of alcohol increases from 6% to 9%. caterers will have to keep meticulous records because a 9% sales tax can only be applied to the of all proportion. a portion will fund services for
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the developmentally disabled. next year, the cash goes into the general fund. governor o'malley commented that he will try to help fund their cause in future years through the budget process. another alcohol-related bill requires drivers to refuse a field sobriety test and you have a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or more to participate in an ignition interlock program. they will have to pass a breathalyzer tests in order for their vehicle to start. the framework for an insurance exchange under president obama's healthcare reform takes effect. car dealer scan at a $200 and dealership fee on the cost of a vehicle. titling fees double to $100. a $7.5 million tax credit for producing films in maryland takes effect as well as a state income tax for feeling electric
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vehicles. state employees hired after july 1 will be vested in the retirement plan in 10 years, rather than the current five. the state department of education will develop policies to raise awareness about the risk of concussions and head injuries in kids' sports. july ushers in a new meaning to the phrase bon appetit. dogs will be allowed to die and outdoors with their owners at participating restaurants. >> most vasco into effect on october 1. >> you will see all the new loss in our interactive slide show on the ceo the baltimore city school system is james bush. under the terms of the agreement, alonzo will be paid $260,000 a year, an undisclosed
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performance bonuses. there was news of test tampering. the salaries of 7800 baud or county government employees are now posted online for the whole world to see. hurling nearly $205,000 a year, police chief jim johnson was the highest-paid employee. the second highest salary was 129 -- $199,000. the secretary of state makes more than $194,000. the county executive earns $150,000 a year. the fourth of july weekend officially is underway. it is time to break out the barbecue and have some fun, but this time of year can also be quite dangerous. shelton dutes share some tips on how to keep your holiday weekend safe on land and also on water.
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>> people think there is a second to get rid of it, but they do not, and it goes off in your hand. >> more than 8000 people were rushed to the emergency room last year with injuries from fireworks. >> it can attract to the bone, tear the attendance. it can tear pieces of land completely off. >> you can see extensive burns that occurred to this hardboiled egg that can simulate the eye. you take that ruptured and apply it to an eyeball, you will end up with scarring on the korea and it could result in permanent vision loss. >> officials wanted to think about your safety on the water as well. >> 84% of the fatalities on the
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water recently, nine out of 10 folks did not have their life jackets on. >> preparation does not stop there. in addition to having a radio and self on on board, you should also have a float can in place. >> it could be as simple as a phone call. >> you might want to think twice about drinking on board. not only is it very dangerous, but you could end up in jail and with stiff penalties. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> if you are still looking for something to do on this fourth of july, you might find it on our website. we also have the latest holiday forecast and the traffic tieups. we want to see how much fun you have this holiday, so share it
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with us on a special audit on the state highway administration. it could lead to criminal charges. after months of separation, it turns out that are of schwarzenegger will not be back, at least to his marriage. his wife filed her petition today. >> more legal wrangling as attorneys for casey anthony pike to keep their client off death row, but denied there is new evidence that could get her mother charged with perjury. >> it has been a beautiful stretch of weather, but things will change over the holiday weekend. here is a look outside. 69 at the airport.
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>> rielle shriver is making the
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final move to end her 25-year marriage -- mari shriver cited irreconcilable differences and is seeking special support as well as joint custody of their two younger children. this comes six weeks after the former governor admitted fathering a child with a former employee. another trying day in the courtroom as a murder case against casey anthony draws to a close. jay gray explains why objections were enough to delay the rebuttal. >> more legal bickering began friday proceedings that clearly tested the patience of the judge. >> i hope this is a real problem and not an imaginary problem. >> the debate centers on evidence, elements the defense
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says should not be allowed in court. >> the state wants to provide a scientist to challenge a defense expert who questioned the autopsy on caylee anthony said remains. the second issue surrounds testimony from casey's mom, cindy anthony. >> i started looking up for form and then corps of phil and that prompted me to look up or fill. l. to look up chloral fiophyl >> he said there were no hits during the keyword searches. >> the jury also heard from the chief compliance officer at a hospital where cindy anthony worked. >> prosecutors trying to show
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send it was at work instead of searching out a home computer as she claimed. >> this page rebuttal testimony ended today. there is no court tomorrow to put give lawyers time to prepare for the closing arguments that to get underway on sunday. an early victory for dominique strauss-kahn. while he is still charged, a judge today dropped his $1 million bail and his house arrest. prosecutors say the witness lied about being raped in the past. >> she had tried to claim sexual assault mealtimes -- many times and she has never once changed a single thing about that account.
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>> we are absolutely convinced that what today is a first, a giant step in the right direction, the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. >> his passport has also been revoked. his next court appearance is set for july 18. tonight, a special review of the state -- could lead to numerous charges against eight employees. >> there is evidence suggesting agency may have improperly used contract funds. >> maryland's high with administration plans, build, and maintains the state's roadway and now the agency is responding to serious allegations about how those jobs are done. a tip called in to the states from hot line led to review of the state highway administration. it was conducted from july to
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december 2010. according to the legislative auditor, the findings are major. >> they have to be accountable to the taxpayers. >> a senior manager in the office of construction appeared to have solicited funds from firms, possibly violating state ethics laws. the review found seven firms listed as sponsors for a charity event. five of the firms had ongoing contracts and two of them had been awarded $60 million contract. the review tells how the employee may have tried to speed up the awarding of contracts by sending an e-mail saying we need to get the card -- the contract out as soon as possible, as it is long overdue. the review also determine a senior employee was hired with it reduced by a firmer after budget within 12 days after returning and the employee
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continued involvement with the contract as an executive the company that hired him. >> is strictly prohibited. >> the investigation further revealed that one company had 35 former employees on its payroll. review found that they circumvented did not adequately document the bidding evaluation progress and redirected funds approved by the state board of public works for one project into others. >> when you use those funds for something like a computer system and that is not what it was intended for. to get the computer system, you have to go back and get that authorization. >> obviously, i was very disappointed. the audit shows that we had to former employees who clearly violated the ethics laws and had potential conflicts of interest.
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>> she says peterson was working with state auditors to clean up problems and make improvements. the message for state employees -- >> it is important to make sure that we do it in a transparent way and the rules are there for a very good reason, and we need to follow them. >> it will be turned over to the attorneys general for possible criminal charges. state auditors are now looking at other contracts. to see the full review, go to our website, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have had a great stretch of whether the last couple of days and another wonderful evening in progress. 89 this afternoon, but the air is so dry that the temperatures have been falling off pretty
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quickly since sunset. 69 at the airport and 66 in todd heap town -- tontitown. you may be allowed to open the windows and turn off the air conditioning tonight. the storm system has been producing some storm systems and showers out in the midwest. before going into the holiday weekend, the better the chance for showers and storms to pop up. we will start at 7:00 tomorrow morning. something trying to develop west of baltimore, a slight chance for a thunderstorm in the forecast for tomorrow evening. tomorrow is going to be a pretty nice day bore most of the. then the boundary starts to dip into the mid-atlantic region there. you can see the computer model showing it scattered showers and thunderstorms across the state. maybe 40% rtp% on sunday
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evening, but most of the day on sunday will be okay. a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast for the holiday as well, but overall is not going to be bad. temperatures have dropped back into the low 60's in most neighborhood. an outside chance for thunderstorms late in the day. it could be more humid. you are taking the boat out, it should be nice on the water. if you are going down to the ocean, it should be a beautiful day there tomorrow. the best chance for rain at the beach will be sunday night. the same forecast for here at home, a 50% chance for storm sunday evening and then on monday it will drop down to 30%. i doubt it will have any effect on the fireworks. >> the orioles for with the
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first of the season, one hit keeps them out of the history books. that is next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $105 million. you must match these five white balls plus the gold megaball. 30-12-47-35-17. tonight's megaball number is 26. if no way matches all six numbers, tuesday's jackpot will be worth
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>> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> is started with a lot of optimism for the orioles. the road trip starts with the fourth straight loss, losing in atlanta, 4-0.
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the orioles had one hit tonight. a sinker ball in the second. only two runners on base all night. jeremy guthrie had a decent outing, but jason hayward ends a scoreless tie with the two-run home run. the final out of the game. adam jones says the story tonight -- 4-0 atlanta. >> everybody was off balance.
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there were pitches that we either fouled off or missed. that is the nature of the game. >> when the terrapins change football coaches, they thought it would pick up the program. that willis practice time this season because maryland exceeded n.c.a.a. practice time limits last season and violated some rules. to their credit, -- maryland woolwich to 0.5 hours of football activity time each week this coming season, more than 10% of the lighted practice and work out time. the big 10 had 10 teams. today nebraska officially left the big 12 and joined the big 10.
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that means the big 10 now has 12 teams. all of this happen one day after the pac-10 change its name to the pact well. it stands for pacific. colorado is now on the pacific coast. we wonder why more athletes don't graduate from college. highlights from the last time a man -- a british man finished wimbledon was in 1936. -- pippa andy murray middleton on hand today at wimbledon. the set went to murray. a big left hand for him, sweeping across the court.
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nadal serving. andy murray cannot get to it so he is eliminated. the most memorable moment of today probably belongs more to a boy. he veered wide into a luxury suite. a boy sneaks through the adults and picks the ball up. realizing he has made a mistake, he drops the ball. look at his face. luckily, bradley took a drop and still wound up with a birdie. he gave the ball to the kid anyway. that is a magical moment on the golf course. stick
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>> one more look at the forecast, overall tomorrow a very nice day, but a little more humid. the best chance for rain over the holiday weekend will be sunday weekend. the fourth of july, another slight chance but i doubt will have any effect on the fireworks. the key word is the heat will be going up. >> have a great holida
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